Kuleni Game Park, Hluhluwe, South Africa, 3960

Umthiba Bush Lodge Terms & Conditions

Carefully read through the indemnity before making your booking.

INDEMNITY: umThiba Bush Lodge

Dear Guest
All reservations at umThiba are made by guests and accepted subject to the following

1. Acknowledge that they and those persons accompanying them are well acquainted with and fully aware of and appreciate the real dangers and risks that are associated with game and game lodges arising from the presence of wild and dangerous animals, reptiles, birds and insects and the risk of suffering bodily harm, injury, death and/or loss to property which may arise as result of an encounter with and/or the presence of wild animals and/or reptiles and/or birds whilst on the premises or property of Kuleni Game Park including umThiba.

2. Agree to waive all claim or claims of whatsoever cause or nature howsoever arising against the owners of the lodge, their associates, servants, employees and/or any person connected whether directly or indirectly with the running of the lodge and fellow guests or invitees which they may have arising out of any harm, injury, death or loss suffered whilst on Kuleni Game Park, including umThiba, and whether arising from an act of commission or omission on the part of those hereby indemnified or anyone of them.

3. Indemnify and hold harmless and free, the owners of umThiba, their associates, servants and employees and/or any person connected, whether directly or indirectly, with the running of the lodge and fellow guest or invitees from any and all claims of whatsoever cause or nature which may arise on behalf of their spouse, partner, children, whether minor or adult, or relatives and/or those persons accompanying them to the lodge whether as an invitee who may suffer injury or loss whilst on the premises or property of the lodge and whether arising from an act of commission or omission on the part of those hereby indemnified or anyone of them.

4. Agree that the indemnity and waiver as contained herein shall in all respects extend to and shall not be limited to any harm or injury suffered during any transfer, whether by road or air from one place to another and whether such transfer occurs on umThiba or other place on Kuleni Game Park or is pursuant to or arises from any transfer as referred to from one place to another and this Indemnity and Waiver shall be applicable and shall also remain in force at all and any place outside the borders of the Republic of South Africa.

5. Attention is drawn to the fact that there is a swimming pool on the property & as such they are required to be vigilant & exercise the necessary care and caution if babies and/or young children are present and in the vicinity of the pool or use the pool. Guests and their invitees undertake to supervise children at all times. In the event of an injury or drowning the owners of umThiba, their associates, servants and employees and/or any person connected, whether directly or indirectly, with the running of the lodge are held free and harmless of any claims whatsoever.

In the event of injury the lodge operator may at its discretion and without prejudice and without admission of Liability arrange and pay for emergency medical treatment for and on behalf of any guest.

Regulations of Kuleni Game Park

1. The speed limit within Kuleni Game Park is 20 km/h.
2. Do not feed the animals.
3. Please remember that the animals are wild therefore unpredictable. Keep a fair walking distance from them at all times.
4. Feel free to walk through the parks and walking trails, but please do not enter any other lodges as there may be guests present.
5. Please ensure that you apply insect repellent when walking through the bush and check for ticks, as a bite from a tick can result in an unpleasant fever.
6. Please stay on the roads when driving in a car. Do not drive through any parks or deviate from the road at any time. Should you wish to park and walk, please park your car slightly off the road so that it does not disrupt any other traffic.
7. Grasslands property (refer to map for directions) is a driving free zone. Animals are often found there so please feel free to walk on this property
8. Please be considerate of other guests when using the T.V and radio.
9. Only make a fire in the designated fire pit and let management or housekeeping know if you require any further fire wood. The cost of firewood is for the guests account and is currently
10. This is a conservation area and as such please be considerate with both drinking and tap water.
11. Please be aware of dung beetles that are often found on the road and please avoid them wherever possible.
12. Feel free to cycle within the park, keeping to the roads and walking trails at all times.
13. There are a number of warthog which roam the property, do not be alarmed if they are under the units but also remember that they seem tame yet they can also be very aggressive.
14. Please be careful around the swimming pools. NB: the decks are slippery when wet.
15. Should you find any injured or dead animals please be sure to report it to management as soon as possible.
16. Please note that there is 24hr security that patrols the property.
17. Please note that the gate is locked from 10.00 pm until 5.00 am and you will be required to make an arrangement with the park management to enter or leave between these times.
18. We have regular power failures in this area. We do have a generator that will run the fridges fans and plugs only. The generator is situated at the back of the garage and the instructions on how to start it can be found on the wall in the lounge and on the wall of the garage next to the distribution board. Should you have any problems please contact one of the people listed below.
19. It is not advisable to walk around the property after dark.
20. Should there be a problem at the lodge please contact Lizelle on 0768665344 ( Kuleni Manager) or Chris on 0824449226 , Nigel on 0837841314
21. Emergency Phone SATIB emergency line 0861SATIB24 / 08617284224 Other Numbers to call if necessary 011 287 2009 if this fails - Nash Arnachellam 082 3478648 Incident Management Backup Facilitator 079 8888220

Details and restrictions applying to this service can be found in the information file in the lodge

We hope you have a wonderful experience at Kuleni Game Park and we hope to have you back again soon!

Kind regards
Chris Brown